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The problems of permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is known for many years and its popularity is increasing, as well as requirements to procedure quality
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For beginners
Permanent make-up is one of the most responsible and expensive procedures in beauty salons. Therefore requirements to training for this procedure should be very high.
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Sun, Summer and Time-tattoo/ Body-Tattoo, Temptoo 
The summer has come. The open clothes allow the charming ladies to show that they have hidden in the winter, including the fashionable small tattoos.
Results of work of MY STYLE device in comparison with plastic devices of the Asian origin. Testing was made on rather high speed, single needle, on a sheet of regular paper.
Removal of permanent make-up and tattoos is a very delicate work demanding special knowledge, experience and talent. Therefore we recommend even to professionals to pass a one-day course as part of the "РМ Remover" training program.



Professional Liner M

The new patented safe system for the permanent make-up Professional Liner M, providing full procedure sterility. The device is notable for its needle and nozzle, closed by a membrane and integrated in a disposable module.
Professional Liner M

Игловая ручка

Two-year guarantee. Produced under ISO 9001 and EN 46001.

Owing to this, pollution due to liquid flowing in the opposite direction, or circulation of polluted air in the tool, are excluded. The case of the device is made from anodized aluminium and contains a microprocessor through which the device is controlled; necessary sockets are located on the back panel.

The weight of the device is 2,4 kg, the complete set includes a control pedal and a separate support for a handpiece. The panel's surface can be easily disinfected. The device is supplied by two jacks for connection of the handpieces which can be both of direct and angular design, and also a jack for pedal connection. The device works practically without noise and vibration, danger of overheat is also absent.

Due to the newest development the maximal accuracy in work is reached with minimum skin traumatizing danger. The powerful motor of the device allows reducing time of the procedure at high efficiency of micropigmentation process.

By the client's choice, the device is delivered either with the handpiece for work with the hygienic module, or (and) with the modernized handpice a separate needle and nozzle system.

Modules' configuration:
1-st, 3-rd, 3-rd Outline, 4-th, 5-th, 5-th magnum,7-th, 9-th.
Needles' configuration: 1-st, 3-rd, 5-th.


Professional Liner Premium is the newest complex micropigmentation system manufactured in Germany.


High Class device for highest demands:
- Puncture frequency from up to 220/sec
- State-of-the-art newly developed powerful motors of high reliability resource
- Capability of connecting 4 handpieces at once- Laser emitter
- Touch mode switching with 10 fixed work speeds

Fitted out with two different hand pieces. A hand piece for the classic variant with needle and needle / nozzle. A hand piece for the work with hygiene modules.

Hand piece with Softlaser for preventive application against lip herpes before treatment. The design and finish in matte gold and blue correspond to the demands of modern cosmetics and medicine.

Encloses: Control unit, two different premium hand pieces, soft lasers,Foot pedal, power supply and operating instructions.Hand pieces are controlled with MicroprocessorMade under ISO 9001 and EN 46001.Two-year guarantee.

- module
- needle/nozzle
- laser handpiece
- used for pre-procedural micropigmentation zone processing and micropigmentation depth control

Module configuration:
1-st, 3-rd, 3-rd Outline, 4-th, 5-th, 5-th magnum,7-th, 9-th.
Needle configuration: 1-st, 3-rd, 5-th.


Конфигурации модулей


Конфигурации игл



Professional Liner Mobile

Compact Professional Class machine. Penetration speed: 70, 90, 110, 130 /sec. Microprocessor controlled. Foot pedal and power unit included.

The compact and easy device for permanent make-up. The weight of the device is 0,5 kg, weight of handle approx. 100g. It is ideal for the masters working mobile. The device is supplied by a foot control pedal, a remote control unit. In the device is provided a jack for connection of one manual.

Two fixed work speeds, maximum speed up to 130/sec. The ergonomic, thin handpiece; noise and vibration are practically absent.

Optimum price/quality ratio for permanent make-up artists working on Taiwan Pen systems and wishing to raise the professional level.Configurations of needles: 1-st, 3-rd, 5-th.

Игловая ручка
Конфигурации игл