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Even at skilled PM masters' work there are lots of nuances, the wrong understanding of which can lead to negative consequences in work.

If questions about diseases, allergies and other have been given negative answers, but, nevertheless, at holding a procedure or after its completion you observe undesirable side effects - peeling, puffiness, apostemes and many other things, most certainly arises a question: "What could this be?".

Experience shows that very frequently these symptoms can be caused by application of Emla ointment. The skin area processed soaks and extends, the inflow of blood is increased correspondingly, and, as a result, we get all the above-named consequences. Use of Emla ointment, at carrying out of PM procedure on eyes (application of arrows), can lead to undesirable consequences, down to retinal detachment.

 Practice has revealed that liquid alcohol-based anesthetics cause no negative reaction and blend with alcohol-based pigments perfectly. It is important to consider, that surface anesthesia is performed and, right at the beginning of the procedure, the client nevertheless can have painful sensations during the application of the first strokes. Therefore it is recommended to begin work very cautiously with a single needle. When the top layers of the skin are already opened, one should apply a little liquid anesthetic to the area, wait about 3 minutes and continue work afterwards. Interaction of pigments and anesthetics will not allow the infection to get inside (both substances are on the basis of alcohol). Besides, similarity of structure of the applied agents allows the pigment to be distributed in a skin optimally and evenly.

After procedure it is impossible to use such medical cream as Bipanthen since the pigments implanted into a skin "are considered" by these creams as alien bodies.

We recommend applying the following processing by preparations, the chemical composition of which is compatible with the pigments and form an integrated technological system together with them and other agents used during the micropigmentation.

The local anesthesia which is carried out by means of injections, deforms the face musculature and after the termination of time of its action the PM drawing frequently turns out asymmetrical. Besides, at such kind of anesthesia it is practically impossible to check the depth of penetration of pigment into the skin, the control of painful sensations is absent completely, that breaks the client-master feedback.
The problems of permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is known for many years and its popularity is increasing, as well as requirements to procedure quality
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For beginners
Permanent make-up is one of the most responsible and expensive procedures in beauty salons. Therefore requirements to training for this procedure should be very high.
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Sun, Summer and Time-tattoo/ Body-Tattoo, Temptoo 
The summer has come. The open clothes allow the charming ladies to show that they have hidden in the winter, including the fashionable small tattoos.
Results of work of MY STYLE device in comparison with plastic devices of the Asian origin. Testing was made on rather high speed, single needle, on a sheet of regular paper.
Removal of permanent make-up and tattoos is a very delicate work demanding special knowledge, experience and talent. Therefore we recommend even to professionals to pass a one-day course as part of the "РМ Remover" training program.